Tool Kit - Hosting a Teachers' Career Day at Your Energy Company

The Get Into Energy Teachers' Career Day is a one-day program designed for high school teachers to build their awareness of the operation of energy companies and the wide array of exciting careers available in these organizations. At the Teachers' Career Day, math, science, technology, and career and technical education teachers will learn more about our specific organization and the workforce needs of the energy industry. They will also receive examples of hands-on lessons applying math, science, and technology to real-world situations at energy companies to take back and use with their students.

Thank you to Georgia Power for supplying the booklet you can duplicate and distribute, Energizing Our World: The Fascinating World of Power Delivery & the People Who Make it Work and to EEI for Key Facts About the Electric Industry.

Download a full PDF of the tool kit or download the individual resources listed below.

Resources for Hosting a Teachers' Career Day at Your Energy Company:

Publications to Share:

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