2012 CEWD Summit
Industry Solutions - Regional Implementation

November 14-16, 2012
Crystal Gateway Marriott
Arlington, VA

CEWD’s strategy and approach since its inception has been Industry Solutions, Regional Implementation. The Center has focused on providing its members with workable solutions that align with each of the four strategic pillars: Career Awareness, Workforce Development and Education, Workforce Planning, and Structure and Support. Our goal is to provide a wealth of resources to our members that enable them to implement these solutions at the company level as well as through state and regional consortia. During this year’s Annual Summit, participants had the opportunity to take part in a more action-planning focused process to help their company implement solutions based on their own needs. Participants learned about the latest trends in workforce development and education as well as the successes and challenges CEWD members have experienced in implementing the Get Into Energy Career Pathways model.  

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