Get Into Energy Math and Test Prep Workshop

The Get Into Energy Math and Test Prep Workshop is a structured program that provides candidates the opportunity to not only learn more about pre-employment testing, but to experience it firsthand. Redesigned as a blended learning experience, it has two elements--an online "math refresher" for those who may not have used their math skills recently, and an in-person test preparation portion, to be taught in a boot camp format.

Due to the heavy content and the pace at which the workshop is facilitated, it is strongly recommended that individuals wishing to participate in this workshop have already taken one or more of the following: Technical Math, Introduction to Algebra, or College Algebra. This workshop is not designed to "teach" the various math competencies, but rather show how to apply them in a manner to improve test-taking ability. For those who may have taken math a while back or haven't used their math skills frequently in their recent employment, they are asked to use the online self-study portion of the program.

Practice quizzes and links to online instruction are provided on the Get Into Energy website. The focus of the math portion for the in-person workshop is mathematical usage, so candidates need to already be versed in the math competencies outlined on the website.

During the in-person workshop portion, candidates are exposed to the types of problems they will encounter in real-life testing situations, including being timed while taking practice tests. They also learn strategies for solving the types of questions they will encounter. Besides mathematical usage, the workshop covers other concepts that are part of pre-employment testing in the energy industry, including graphic arithmetic, mechanical reasoning, reading comprehension, as well as two new areas specifically for the EEI pre-employment tests, assembling objects and figural reasoning.

The newly redesigned in-person workshop, available in early May, 2017, incorporates the following:

  • More direct teaching time
  • Use of cooperative learning
  • Additional section on test-taking strategies
  • Resources candidates can use after completion of the workshop to continue their preparation

Materials are available by contacting CEWD Education Consultant Valerie Taylor at