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Energy Industry
Curriculum Modules
A career in energy requires a strong foundation of the basics of the industry. These instructor guides, student guides, and hands-on activities developed by CEWD provide just that.

Free Curriculum for the Energy Community

GIE Math
Created by the University of Missouri, Columbia

Created by University of Hawaii Community College

Lessons donated by the WIN Chapter at Oak Ridge National Lab


Free Curriculum for CEWD Members

Natural Gas Bootcamp

A 10-week introductory course to the natural gas industry.
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WISE Pathways
Work Ready Bootcamp

Guiding veterans in their transition to the civilian work world.
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High School Energy Career Academy

Preparing students grades 9-12 for energy-industry courses or careers.
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fundamentals of energy

Exposing middle school students to the world of energy and energy careers.
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GIE Math

Updated in 2019 to reflect recent changes to pre-employment testing.
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